Friday, 8 February 2013

Round 1, Question 1

The summary: Hello there, and welcome to The Ones that Got Away - a repository for pub quiz questions that bettered me and my motley band of quizzers. (With the occasional bit of more general quiz geekery thrown in for good measure.)

The principle: We do a lot of pub quizzes, and while we're not too shabby, we're by no means 100%-ers either. A while ago I started noting down all the questions we got wrong, partly to keep track of our weaknesses, and partly to see if we can still remember Kevin Keegan's real name in 10 years' time. Knowing quite a few quizzers, I realized I may as well stick these questions up on the interwebs, so that all can share in our spectacularly consistent inability to identify film quotes (and other assorted animals). However, this is going to be a 'warts-and-all' affair, so expect some embarrassing misses.

The structure: The main purpose of this blog is to keep a record of quiz questions, so there won't be too much commentary from me to clutter things up. That said, I do think it's interesting to share our (often dreadful) thought processes, so along with the questions and the answers, each post will feature a section of 'excuses' where I'll briefly discuss what we guessed, and why.

The alternative questions: Since starting this blog I've begun to add my own 'alternative' questions to the ones that got away. These aim to be somewhat related in topic, but are either what I consider quizzing chestnuts (those trivia that come up time and time again) or just things I think are interesting. While they won't always be particularly polished, they'll hopefully teach most readers something new and/or fun (indeed, they're often things I only discovered in researching that week's ones that got away).

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