Saturday, 23 February 2013

23/01/13: Picasso's politics and Pedigree

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor
3) The programmer

The ones that got away
1) Which political party did Picasso join in 1944?
2) Who was the leader of the Labour party immediately before Tony Blair?
3) Who designed the Mastermind chair?
4) Which brewery makes the beer Pedigree?
5) The Belgian beer kriek is flavoured with what?
6) Which architect designed the new Wembley Stadium?
7) Mike Hawthorn was the first English winner of what?
8) Name the four UK number ones from the 1980s with the word 'Town' in the title.
9) Big Spender features in which musical?
10) In which country is the northernmost point of South America?

The answers

The excuses
1) I think we were victims of the classic 'overthink' on this one: each of us having a vague memory of something complicated we didn't even manage a guess, but merely sticking down 'communist' would have got us the point.
2) 'Controversy' here. I'd looked at the list of Labour leaders shortly before the quiz, and so remembered that Margarett Beckett had served briefly between Smith and Blair. We felt a little hard done by when, after the fact, the quizmaster decided that "acting leaders don't count"(!).
3) Classic trivia, but no idea. 'Design' has never really been in our wheelhouse.
4) We were quite happy with our guess of Fuller's, but should probably have remembered their most famous product is London Pride.
5) Another classic trivia question, which we should really have known off the bat. Instead, we went for the 'educated' guess of chocolate (geddit?). I have a theory that with any question like this in a quiz you have a pretty good chance if you go with cherries regardless.
6) This one had been on University Challenge a couple of days previously, and we still didn't get it. Our perennial guess of Stirling for an architecture question still failing to pay off.
7) Yet another bad miss. We went with BBC Sports Personality of the Year (which on retrospect was quite a bad guess given that an English winner of that is hardly remarkable).
8) We actually got three of the four (you can probably guess which three), which was all that was really expected of us. Anyone who got all four would have been awarded a ridiculous number of bonus points, which of course no-one did.
9) Musicals are never good news for us, and this one proved no exception.
10) A tossup between Colombia and Venezuela where we went the wrong way. It's actually quite easy if you're familiar with the layout of South America, though.

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