Friday, 8 February 2013

11/18/12: Stations, singing, and the Stig

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The programmer

The ones that got away
1) Which musical most recently won an Oscar in one of the acting categories?
2) ...and who won it?
3) What is the most northerly station on the London Underground network?
4) Which country produces the most wine?
5) Who was revealed as Top Gear's Stig in 2010?
6) Which gangster had the nickname Scarface?
7) What is the name of Mumford and Sons first studio album?
8) What word is both an item of clothing worn on the legs and a young oyster?
9) Which country was formally known as British Honduras?

The answers

The excuses
1) A bit of overthinking here. Given the phrasing, we thought maybe it would be one from surprisingly long ago, so went for The Sound of Music. Alas, this was wrong on two counts as our other guess...
2) ...Julie Andrews, though nominated, did not win, losing out to Julie Christie in Darling. (The Sound of Music did at least win Best Picture.)
3) We went with Watford Junction, thinking it a reasonable guess, but it's not even close. Chesham is also the westernmost Tube station, while Morden and Upminster complete the compass in the south and east, respectively.
4) We thought it was a tossup between France (2nd) and Spain (3rd). It's actually quite close between the top two, though.
5) Knew the name, but got nowhere near remembering it. Went with Michael Schumacher, who at least played the part briefly.
6) A pretty shocking miss, although we added insult to injury by not only trying to remember the name of the character from the film (Tony Montana), but failing even that and coming up with some Scarface/Rocky hybrid in Tony Marciano.
7) Despite listening to radio 1 for years solely to get better at this sort of question, I could only drag up the name of one of their singles (which, admittedly, I was still fairly proud of).
8) Quite a neat question, I thought, which saw us guess 'greave' and 'garter' before settling on 'jean'. None of which, of course, were even close.
9) Our Central American geography isn't brilliant, and we went through a few options (none of them the correct answer) before settling on Trinidad and Tobago.

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