Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Only Connect Post Morterm: Series 10 Episdoe 24
Chessmen vs. Gallifreyans

A cracking contest this week, and I'll admit I'm a little sad to see the Gallifreyans go despite a spectacular comeback on the wall. As the series gets harder it becomes trickier to pick a favourite question (partly because we get rather more engrossed in the contest and less worried about such trivialities) but this week the honour goes to the pictures of Parts of a Book. Yes, it was pretty easy, but it was still quite fun. Just a shame they couldn't find a fourth body part to really complete the set.


  1. When they were discussing the question of World Championship winners with the same surname, everyone seemed to assume that Hill had to be Graham and Damon Hill. They were both world champions in their sport, but there was also Phil Hill (no relation) who won the F1 championship in 1961, the year before Graham Hill won his first title.

    1. Yes, I did wonder about that; particularly when VCM seemed to imply it herself.

    2. The note about Phil Hill was included in VCM's notes but for some reason she didn't read it out. I wouldn't have included Hill if there wasn't an unrelated pair.

    3. Aha, excellent stuff, thanks for the clarification :)