Thursday, 19 March 2015

British Summer Time was first established by the Summer Time Act

Your targets this week:

We won this week, but could you have done even better?

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor
3) The DJ-woman
4) The DJ-man
5) The mystery woman
6) The mystery man

The ones that got away
1) In the 'board game' Guess Who? are there more characters with white hair or red hair?
2) How many slots are there in a standard Connect Four set? (By 'slots' we mean the number of possible positions for a piece to end up; i.e. how many circular holes are there?)
3) The clocks recently went forward in Canada, but what does DST stand for in this context? Be careful - one letter wrong and you'll not get the point.
4) How many cards is each player dealt in a game of Omaha poker?
5) 3 point question: The largest Mediterranean island is Sicily. What are the second- and third-largest Mediterranean islands? You need both for 3 points (you get nothing if you only get one).
6) 3 point question: Of what is ombrology the study?

The answers

Our excuses

How did you do? Would you have beaten us (1 or more points)? Let the world know with the poll below, then read on for my alternative questions (loosely) inspired by this week's Ones That Got Away!

My alternative questions
1) Which is the largest country (by area) whose flag comprises only white and red?
2) Assuming red plays first, how many possible positions are there in a game of Connect Four after each player has placed one of their discs? (Note: you don't have to simply work out every possibility by hand!)
3) A successor to Greenwich Mean Time, the primary standard by which the world regulates time is known as UTC. For what words do the letters UTC stand? You can answer in French or English, although amusingly the words do not follow the order UTC in either language.
4) In poker, what is the more common name of an ace-high straight flush?
5) Each of the following authors wrote a book (or books) with the word 'island' in the title. For one point each, name the book:
a) Robert Louis Stevenson
b) H. G. Wells
c) Bill Bryson
6) The answers to the following questions all begin with U, M and B. For one point each, what is:
a) An Italian region whose capital is Perugia?
b) A British sportswear brand, founded in 1942?
c) A brand of juice drink produced by Sumol + Compal, purportedly consumed in sub-Saharan Africa?

The answers

How did you do on my alternative questions? Have another poll!


  1. Could he have been thinking of seven-card stud, Michael? It's probably the most common form of poker after Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha, you start with 3 cards in front of you but end up with 7 at the end of a round.

    1. Thanks for this - along with someone on Twitter suggesting the same thing this does indeed seem like what we were thinking of :)