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04/06/13: Now with 100% more quiz!

Now with bonus content!
Don't miss the extra question set at the bottom of this post!

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor
3) The programmer
4) The saxophonist

The ones that got away
Question 1!
1) Identify the film (pictured).
2) What year was this film released?
3) Which of these (British) army ranks is the highest: captain, colonel or major?
4) Identify the film from this quote: "Smiling is my favourite. You make me smile. That makes you my favourite."
5) Identify the film from this quote: "And all the while I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs, and no one even looks up."
6) Which English county is bordered by the rivers Stour to the south and Waveney to the north?

The answers

Don't forget! You can show off your prowess, or share in our failure, via the poll on the right. Results of the last poll are on the relevant post now.

Update: Poll closed, so it's time for results! 6 votes with 1 scoring 3/6, 3 scoring 2/6, and 2 joining us on zero.

The average reader scored 1.5 out of 6.

The excuses
1) The perils of doing a quiz too many times: we were pretty sure this film had come up before on the same question, so ruled it out. Turns out our memory is slightly better than the quizmaster's.
2) Yawn.
3) A lesson in always double checking if you can. The saxophonist assured us the answer was major, having not heard that colonel was an option. As the doctor and I have put far too many hours into Halo 3's multiplayer, we would have been able to work out the answer to this one, but didn't bother.
4)-5) Not much to say (we went for Forrest Gump for the first one, which at least seemed plausible). Amusingly the team we were marking - who eventually came second last - got both of these (along with the Bone Collector questions) correct.
6) A touch unfortunate on this one, as the saxophonist recalled the Stour being somewhere around Dorset of Wiltshire. Turned out he was bang on, but alas the question was referring to a different Stour.

The ones I would have asked

In another new venture for The ones that got away, and to try and break up the monotony of endless movie questions, I thought I'd have a go at taking the ones we got wrong and constructing vaguely related but moderately more interesting questions to ask. I'll try to stick to one of three types: fun facts I discovered when researching the answers above, something you can think about and hopefully work out, or 'classic trivia' that will regularly come up at your local quiz. At the very least they'll hopefully be slightly more interesting than the dregs of our own quizzing experiences.

Question 6!
1) What word, beginning with O, describes a place where one might keep a bone collection?
2) Which notable US television drama saw its first episode broadcast on January 10, 1999? It would go on to run for six seasons over the next eight years, winning 21 Emmys and five Golden Globes.
3) What is the full name (including rank) of the Catch-22 character played by Bob Newhart in the novel's 1970 film adaptation? (Remember, this relates to Question 3 above.)
4) In the Harry Potter novels, what do the letters S.P.E.W. stand for in the name of the activism group established by Hermione Grainger?
5) Which shipping company owned the Titanic?
6) Suffolk only boasts one professional football team, whose (slightly modified) badge is pictured. Can you name them?

The answers

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