Sunday, 26 May 2013

21/05/13: Ontario, Canada boasts a city called London situated on a river called the Thames

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor
3) The programmer
4) The Turk
5) The anthropologist

The ones that got away
1) Who had an autobiography titled Moonwalk?
2) In what year was In Bruges released?
3) What river runs through Peterborough?
4) Identify the film from this quote: "Guns don't kill people, postal workers do."
5) Identify the London station from this cryptic clue: "There's no-one home in this mountainous entranceway"

The answers

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Update: Poll closed, so it's time for results! 6 votes (5 more than I was expecting) with 1 perfect score, 2 scoring 2/5, 2 scoring 1/5, and 1 joining us on zero.

The average reader scored 1 out of 5.

The excuses
1) A pretty brutal one to start with this week. Amusingly, and as is so often the case, we spent a long time debating which of two options to go for, both of which ultimately proving to be incorrect. Having dismissed Michael Jackson as 'too obvious' (a mistake we have made before in this quiz), our attention focused on whether it was more likely to be Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin, ultimately opting for the former. I have since discovered that Armstrong never wrote an autobiography, while his biography is called First Man and that there is rather more of a history to his famous missing 'a' than I realized.

2) The crapshoot that is 'guess the year' hurts us again. (Although I should take some flak for not properly hearing out the Turk who had the correct answer just as we were about to hand over answer sheets for scoring.)

3) Pro-tip: never let your quizmaster know your weaknesses. In our case the penalty has been a near-weekly dose of British geography questions designed to trip us up. We can't really complain, everyone gets the same questions and all that, I just wish he'd chosen an area which would be worth us brushing up on: I don't expect many pub quiz questions about Peterborough when we move to Canada in two months. Oh wait.

4) We went with the admittedly rather optimistic The Postman and then had a fun discussion of the origins of the phrase 'going postal'.

5) In the last of a relatively small set of ones that got away - which still only saw us finish joint third - a fairly typical cryptic Tube station. At first I was a touch non-plussed by 'mountainous' clueing to 'hill', but this really is quite gettable as soon as you spot the 'not in' component, so I can't really complain. (By comparison, a couple of weeks ago we solved "Dark ninjas at the chicken shop": even the quizmaster couldn't tell us where the shinobi came into it.)

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