Monday, 4 March 2013

26/02/13: Sometimes you should overthink it

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor
3) The programmer

The ones that got away
1) Is John McEnroe left- or right-handed?
2) Who was Dangermouse's sidekick?
3) Ditloid: 3 S O A S A
4) What fruit is a cross between an orange and a tangerine?
5) Identify the film from this quote: "Dammit! Why didn't I concur?!"

The answers

The excuses
1) The meta-game answer is "left, because you wouldn't ask if it was right", but we've made that mistake before on this particular quiz, so playing the percentages went for right, which was not right.
2) Someone said Morocco Mole (of Secret Squirrel fame), and clearly none of us actually thought about it too hard after that. (While Wiki-walking for this write up, I discovered the possibly well-known fact that Penfold is also a type of pillar box, another of which, of course, served as his and Dangermouse's home in the cartoon.
3) Quite a gettable one this (usually if we miss a ditloid it's because it's a little bit silly), we went with the almost-plausible 3 Sails on a Ship's Arm.
4) First of all, we went with tangelo, but that's a tangerine crossed with a grapefruit. However, on reading up on this it seems that a clementine is, along with the tangerine, just a type of (Mandarin) orange, and as far as I can tell, isn't an orange-tangerine hybrid. In fact, I can't find anywhere on the Internet that gives a plausible suggestion as to what such a thing would be. If anyone can enlighten me, answers on a postcard, etc. Update: @h_carver has found evidence that the answer should in fact be tangor, so now you know.
5) Nothing much to say here: we went for Starter for 10, on the grounds that 'concur' sounds a bit like 'confer'. Faultless logic.

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