Thursday, 7 April 2016

The first retired Atlantic hurricane name was Carol

Your targets this week:

1+ out of 6: Well done, you beat us!
2+ out of 6: We'd have won with you on our team!

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor

The ones that got away
Question 6
1) What scale is used for rating tornado intensity?
2) At (approximately) what wind speed does a storm change from being classified as a storm to a hurricane? 43mph, 62mph, 74mph or 89mph?
3) Which country is home to the city which holds the record for most snowfall in a 24-hour period? Canada, USA, Italy or Japan?
4) If it's called a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean, a typhoon in the Pacific Ocean, what is it called in the Indian Ocean?
5) Which was the first country to withdraw from the Kyoto protocol?
6) On the diagram, if the red is a warm front, and the blue is a cold front, what is the purple?

The answers

The doctor's excuses

How did you do? Would you have beaten us (1 or more point)? Would you have helped us win (2 or more points)? Let the world know with the poll below, then read on for my alternative questions (loosely) inspired by this week's Ones That Got Away!

Our alternative questions
1) The Fujita scale categorizes six types of 'damage'. Put these six damage classifications into increasing order of damage: Devastating, Incredible, Light, Moderate, Severe, Significant. [Note that sometimes 'considerable' is used instead of 'significant'.]
2) The USA's National Hurricane Center gives hurricances 'human' names based on an alphabetical list. 21 letters are used: Q, X, Y and Z are excluded, along with which other? (Hint: it scores 1 point in Scrabble.)
3) X is the new Y' is an example of a type of phrasal template where X and Y can be replaced by different words. This is described by what neologism? Hint: you can get the word by changing the 'g' and 'b' in 'snowglobe' to new letters.
4) Where can you find an anticyclonic storm that has lasted for (at least) 186 years?
5) Along with Canada, three other UN member states are not party to the Protocol: the USA, Andorra, and which African country? Hint: the Protocol entered infto force in 2005.
6) Occlusion therapy - where an eye patch is placed over a stronger eye to force use of the weaker one - is a common treatment for what eye condition? Hint: it is often caused by a strabismus (or squint), and has a more colloquial name which some consider inappropriate, but either that or the medical term will be accepted.

The answers

How did you do on my alternative questions? Have another poll!

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