Thursday, 21 January 2016

The picture on Wikipedia for 'friend zone' is great

Your targets this week:

1+ out of 10: Well done, you beat us!
3+ out of 10: We'd have won with you on our team!

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor
3) The secret German
4) The metallurgist
5) The rich-person otherkin
6) The fire spitter
7) The whiskey guy

The ones that got away
1) 2 point question: which TV series popularized the term 'friend zone', and which character in that series was called the 'mayor of the friend zone'? (1 point for each.)
2) Which of these is not a real dating website: a) 420 Dating; b) Cheapskate Match; c) Gluten Free Singles; d) Meet an Inmate; e) Salad Match
3) Which former French international soccer player is now the coach of Real Madrid?
Question 7
4) During 2015, only two movies grossed more than Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For 1 point, name both. (To clarify: Star Wars has subsequently grossed more than the other 2 films, but we're just talking about revenue during 2015 itself.)
5) The top 'how to' search by Canadians using google in 2015 was 'How to vote'. What app completes "How to use _____" to give the second-most searched?
6) 2 point question: Which US state is the only one where execution by firing squad remains an option? (N.B. This question does not concern Oklahoma, where the firing squad is an option if lethal injection is found unconstitutional.)
7) 2 point question: Which major talking point or meme of 2015 is represented by this 'abstracted' image?

The answers

The doctor's excuses

How did you do? Would you have beaten us (1 or more point)? Would you have helped us win (3 or more points)? Let the world know with the poll below, then read on for my alternative questions (loosely) inspired by this week's Ones That Got Away!

My alternative questions
Question 1
1) Unsurprisingly, Friends has won many awards over the years. Pictured are two examples of awards the show has won - for 1 point each, can you identify them? (I just want the generic name of each award, rather than the specific category.) 
2) Which religious group is served by the dating website
3) Zidane is nicknamed 'Zizou', which sounds a bit like 'Zazu', the bird (pictured) voiced by Rowan Atkinson in Disney's The Lion King. What type of bird is Zazu?
4) At time of writing, the 3rd most-watched YouTube video is the song See You Again recorded for the soundtrack of Furious 7, by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth. For 1 point each, name the two artists behind the videos that occupy second and first place.
Question 3
5) What video/voice chat application was embroiled in legal issues last year, when an EU court ruled its name was too similar to that of a broadcasting company?
6) Of the 6 US cities to have hosted an Olympic Games (summer or winter), only 2 are currently state capitals. Salt Lake City (capital of Utah) is one, what's the other?
7) Also the term for a historical Italian chief of state, what four-letter term is used to describe this meme (pictured)? For a second point, what breed of dog is featured?

Question 7
The answers

How did you do on my alternative questions? Have another poll!

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