Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Vice President flies in Air Force Two

Your targets this week:

1+ out of 7: Well done, you beat us!
4+ out of 7: We'd have won with you on our team!

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor

The ones that got away
Question 2!
1) At 5,642m Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain on which continent?
2) Can you identify the disguised famous face pictured?
3) Which US beer brand was originally sold in miniature Champagne bottles? Its bottles still bear the slogan "The Champagne of beers".
4) Which of the following would you most likely hear at 16th and 17th century feasts? Galliard, Requiem, Capriccio, Passacaglia, Liederspiel, Tafelmusik.
5) Which of these athletes was not a famous figure skater? Vitaly Scherbo, Tenley Albright, Christopher Dean, Dick Button, Viktor Petrenko, Sonja Henie.
6) The US President's plane, Air Force One, is a modified version of which aircraft? Airbus A380, De Havilland Comet, Cessna 140, Boeing 747, Sopwith Camel, McDonnell Douglas DC-7.
7) Which of these movies was given wide release (in the US) in January 2000? Mrs Doubtfire, Babel, A Few Good Men, Toy Story, Magnolia, Saw.

The answers

Our excuses

How did you do? Would you have beaten us (1 or more correct)? Would you have helped us win (4 or more correct)? Let the world know with the poll below, then read on for my alternative questions (loosely) inspired by this week's Ones That Got Away!

My alternative questions
Question 3!
1) Named after a 19th century baronet what name is given to mountains in Scotland with a height of over 3,000 feet? I shan't be too picky about spelling, but as a clue it's homophonous with (but not identical to) the names of a US President and a famous actress.
2) The series finale of Seinfeld, airing in 1998, was watched by over 76 million Americans making it the third most-watched series finale in US television history. Broadcast in 1983 and 1993, name one of the two shows whose series finales attracted more viewers.
3) Which English football club, whose crest is pictured here, is nicknamed The Millers?
4) Which composer began his Requiem Mass in D minor in 1791, but died before its completion?
5) When Torvill and Dean made ice dancing history in 1984, Olympic rules dictated that the free dance must be at most 4 minutes and 10 seconds long. The version of Boléro the duo performed to was, however, 4 minutes and 28 seconds long - how did they avoid disqualification?
6) Who became the first (and currently only) sitting US President to travel in a regularly scheduled commercial airline flight, in part to "set an example" during the then energy crisis? The call sign for such a plane, in analogous fashion to Air Force One, is Executive One.
7) Magnolia contains numerous references to the Book of Exodus, including raining frogs - one of the ten Plagues of Egypt. Name five of the other nine plagues.

The answers

How did you do on my alternative questions? Have another poll!

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