Friday, 20 June 2014

There is an oceanographer superhero called Stingray

New poll options should now be up and running - things are a bit ugly right now but you can hopefully not only tell the world how you scored on the Ones That Got Away, but also on my own alternative questions!

Your targets this week:

1+ out of 9: Well done, you beat us!
3+ out of 9: We'd have won with you on our team!

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor
3) The oceanographer

The ones that got away
1) Two of the countries in this year's World Cup Finals have never won a World Cup Finals match. For one of these countries it is their first year appearing in the Finals, which is the other?
2) Which country will become the first to play 100 World Cup Finals matches in this year's tournament?
3) A Roman mixture of vinegar, honey and salt is the first known example of what?
4) Complete this quote from a TV show whose season finale aired (in the US) on Sunday night: "The night is dark..."
5) Two African countries have a capital city that means the same thing, one in English, the other in French. Name the two countries and the two capital cities. (You need all four for the point.)
6) Which company recently announced that it would allow its tech patents to be freely used worldwide "in the spirit of the open source movement"?
7) Film quotes! Name the movie and the character (or actor) who spoke it: "I'll be down in 2 shakes of a lamb's tail."
8) Film quotes again! Name the movie and the character (or actor) who spoke it: "Please get out of my Van Halen T-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up."
9) Which country is the world's biggest oil and gas producer?

The answers

How did you do? Would you have beaten us (1 or more correct)? Would you have helped us win (3 or more correct)? Let us know with the poll below, and then check out my alternative questions inspired by this week's Ones That Got Away!

The excuses

My alternative questions
1) Honduras has historically (occasionally) been referred to as Spanish Honduras to differentiate it from British Honduras, the former name of which modern-day country?
2) What is the product of the number of stars on Germany's football shirt and the number of stars on Brazil's football shirt?
3) Toothpaste played a role in another classic piece of trivia when, on September 22, 1955, it was the subject of the UK's first what?
4) Give any one of the four 'R' middle names in authors George R. R. Martin and John R. R. Tolkien's names.
5) Gabon lies on the Equator - hooray! But, along with Cameroon, which country does it border to its north which sadly - and perhaps surprisingly - doesn't lie on the Equator?
6) Nikola Tesla also lends his name to the SI unit for the strength of what?
7) An iconic mural by graffiti artist Banksy - since painted over by Transport for London workers - depicted a scene form Pulp Fiction with Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta clutching what instead of guns?
8) Which acting award has Adam Sandler won three times (the most recent coming in 2012 for That's My Boy), with only Sylvester Stallone ahead of him on four?
9) Some more classic/essential/boring trivia to finish: what do the letters in international organization OPEC stand for?

The answers

New! You can now tell the world how you did on my alternative questions too using the poll below!


  1. A lacklustre two from me this week. I swithered between toothpaste and topical wound dressing before settling on the latter. I knew "...and full of terrors" and Tesla, and I also said Russia for oil and gas.

  2. ...and six out of nine on your questions. I tripped over Belize, Equatorial Guinea and Banksy.

    1. Solid work. Belize is one of those weird ones which I'd never heard of but then it came up in quizzes a couple of times in quick succession so has really stuck in my head.