Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bonus Question
Olympics Quiz!

The Winter Olympics are afoot, and the obligatory late nights (compounded by the rather inconvenient time difference between Sochi and Montreal) mean I've taken some time out of my regularly scheduled quizzing programming. To partly atone for this, then, I've put together a short Olympics quiz!

At two rounds of 20 questions, it shouldn't test the patience of even the least Olympically-inclined individual, and is made up of either things your local pub quizmaster might expect you to know, or things I think are fun. It's unashamedly brief (blame the seemingly endless 5am curling sessions...) - if you have your own favourite Olympic factoids do please let me know (either by commenting below or via Twitter @statacake).

Round 1
1) According to its designer (and co-founder of the modern Olympics) Pierre de Coubertin what do each of the five Olympic rings symbolize?
2) A traditional part of any Olympic opening ceremony is the Parade of Nations, where it is customary for the athletes representing Greece to enter first, and the host nation to enter last. However, this posed a slight problem in 2004 when Athens hosted the Games. What was their solution?
3) How many Summer Olympic Games have been cancelled due to World Wars?
4) Elected in September last year, in which sport did International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach win Olympic gold in 1976?
5) A favourite of quizmasters at this time of year - the tug of war (yes, really) at the 1908 Olympics was a clean sweep as Great Britain took all three medals. What linked the three teams?
6) Iran threatened to boycott the 2012 Olympics in London, complaining that the logo appeared to spell what word?
7) What anthem was played when British athletes won gold medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics?
8) Which events of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics were held in Stockholm, Sweden, due to issues with some competitors entering Australia?
9) With a total of 1010 medals across the nine Summer Games at which they competed, which country has the highest average of medals per Games?
10) In 2012 London became the first city to host a third Olympic Games, but how many times in total has the United States hosted the Olympics (summer or winter)?

The answers

Round 2: pictures!
Pictograms for Olympic sports have been a regular feature since the 1948 Games in London. I've taken five pictograms from each of the two most recent Olympics - Sochi and London - all you have to do is identify the (specific) sports represented.

The answers

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