Friday, 20 December 2013

Only Connect Special: Karran 'Lookalike' Quiz!

It's Friday, which means it's almost Monday, and Monday means the Only Connect Grand Final! In it you'll be seeing my team the Board Gamers (Hywel Carver, Michael Wallace and Jamie Karran) take on the suspiciously charismatic Bakers (Tim Spain, Matt Rowbotham and Peter Steggle) for one of the most sought-after pieces of acrylic in quizzing. Now if Million Pound Drop has taught us anything (which I appreciate sounds unlikely) it's that Event Television such as this demands copious quantities of delicious Social Media. What better way to participate, then, than through a Jamie Karran 'lookalike' quiz?

Inexplicably, Twitter seems rather preoccupied with the guy whose fashion sense is from a decade that hasn't happened yet, and one of their favourite games is to suggest he looks like famous people who also have hair. I've put together 14 faces (including a few fictional characters) to whom Kaptain Karran has been likened during our run on the show, in the manner of a 'Twitter bingo card'. For now, and for some fun Friday quiz time, all you have to do is identify them.

On Monday I'll be posting a slightly fancier card with answers conveniently included so you can play along on the night. To join in the fun (because obviously you can't simply watch the show - what is this, the 70s?) follow the #onlyconnect hashtag and tick off the names or - as we will be doing - have a drink every time a wise and learned Twitterer suggests our glorious leader looks like one of these faces.

Until then though they remain unidentified, so you can have the fun of trying this rather particular picture quiz for yourself before the big night. (And if you can't bear to wait until then for the answers, I've popped them below.)

The answers

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