Monday, 30 September 2013

Nee-san is Japanese for brother

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The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor

The ones that got away
1) How many EU member states were there in 2012?
2) What was the former brand name of car manufacturers Nissan?
3) Static occlusion, dynamic occlusion, and centric occlusion are all caused by a misalignment of what?
4) What traditionally mysterious, but increasingly transparent organization is casually referred to as 'The Craft'?
5) Which US State is known as the Beef State?
6) Rib, stretcher, runner, tube, ferrule and crookhandle are all parts of which commonly encountered protective device?
7) The litas is the currency of which country?

The answers

Poll results: 13 votes with 1 scoring 7/7 (!), 2 scoring 4/7, 1 scoring 3/7, 3 scoring 2/7 and 6 joining us on zero.

The average voter scored just under 2/7!

The excuses

The alternative questions
Question 2!

1) Which is the most Westerly European country that is not a member of the European Union?
2) What was the first name of the founder of the Ford Motor Company (pictured)?
3) Occlusion is a common treatment for the eye disorder amblyopia in which one eye's vision is impaired due to poor visual stimulation. What two word name is amblyopia more commonly known by?
4) Another consideration for the 'craft' question above, which secretive organization's motto is indocilis privata loqui, literally translating to "incapable [of] speaking [of] private [things]"?
5) Which state's nickname isn't, but should be, 'the Cornwall of the US', as it only shares a border with one other state?
6) You hopefully know that the song Umbrella was a hit for Barbadian singer Rihanna, but which rap chap does it also feature?
7) While currency questions are boring, it is nevertheless vital to know the ones that sound a tiny bit rude. If you wanted to spend dongs and colons, then, which two countries should you visit? (One point each.)

The answers

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