Sunday, 14 July 2013

08/07/13: Abu Qatada was born in Bethlehem

The attendees
1) The statistician
2) The doctor
3) The programmer
4) The misandrist
5) The saxophonist

Questions 1 and 7
The ones that got away
1) Who's this chap (pictured)?
2) In what year was the film (500) Days of Summer released?
3) Which British newspaper was the first to feature ditloids?
4) Identify the film from its tagline: "You won't believe your eye"
5) Which Labour Prime Minister coined the phrase "A week is a long time in politics"?
6) Abu Qatada was finally deported to Jordan this week, how many years did the legal battle over his extradition last?
7) Who does this logo belong to (pictured)?

The answers

Poll results! 5 votes with 1 scoring 5/7, 1 scoring 4/7, 1 scoring 2/7 and 2 joining us on zero.

The average voter scored 2 out of 7.

The excuses
1) Somewhat unusually, we did propose the correct answer for this one, but were pretty sure Damien Hirst didn't look like that. Admittedly the same could be said for Danny Boyle, which is what we put down.
2) Zigged with 2008 :(
3) Not convinced this is especially gettable (we went with the Telegraph, who were the first to feature Sudoku) and we were disappointed the quizmaster didn't go with his original question which I've shamelessly stolen for the next section.
4) The misandrist suggested the correct answer, we all thought it seemed like a good shout but weren't completely certain so left it blank to fill in at the end if we didn't think of anything better. After we swapped sheets for marking I realized to my horror (not even exaggerating) that I'd forgotten to put it in, and of course it was correct. Ultimately it cost us a tie-breaker for second place, so not as bad as missing out on top spot but still enough to make me feel terrible. Just goes to show the importance of double checking.
5) Strangely, I think everyone on the team independently thought of Callaghan, which is usually a pretty reliable indicator that you've hit upon the correct answer.
6) Zagged with 7 years :( Although looking at his Wikipedia page, it seems rather more complicated and I'm not convinced that there's a non-ambiguous answer to this one.
7) We spent almost the entire quiz convinced this was a sports brand, but unsurprisingly couldn't place it.

The alternative questions

1) Damien Hirst won the 1995 Turner Prize for work including one of his more notorious sculptures Mother and Child, Divided. What animals feature in this work?
2) Name 2 of the 4 English quarter days, traditionally when servants were hired and rents due.
3) The first ditloid was the ingenious 1 DITLOID - can you solve it?
4) Monsters, Inc. was the fourth film produced by Pixar and released by Disney. What was the first?
5) How many general elections did Harold Wilson fight as leader of the Labour party?
6) For 2 points, give the capital of Jordan (the country), for 1 point, give the real name of Jordan (the person).
7) One of PETA's more curious campaigns involved portraying fish as 'kittens of the sea' (pictured), but what foodstuff is marketed under the American brand Chicken of the Sea?

The answers


  1. I was one year out too, and missed PETA. Also, I was confused and thought you meant the country Jordan's full name, i.e. Hashemite Kingdom etc!

  2. Ha, that's rather unfortunate, I've edited it to remove any ambiguity so thanks for pointing it out :)